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We fully get integrating new technology into your organization is a big commitment and we take that very seriously. Our success is built on providing innovative software tools and features that provide maximum ROI (Return on Investment) to your organization. Below we've highlighted a few of our software feature advantages just to give you a little taste of what we're all about.

Feel free to check them out. Whenever you're ready to don your snorkeling gear and dive right on in to learn more about a specific software solution, click on the Trinexum Operations or CenterPoint Fund Accounting images above.

How Our Software Solutions Will Rock Your Socks:

1. Both solutions are so user friendly and easy to learn and maintain, you’ll wonder what the catch is. No catch, folks. Just bask in software awesomeness.

2. Trinexum Operations provides you with your one-stop-shop for seamless management of membership, programs, childcare, fund raising & online registration.

3. Quarterly, smooth-as-silk upgrades handled by skilled NetVentures’ Oompa Loompas with extremely minimal system downtime. Okay, they’re not real Oompa Loompas, but they work such sweet magic on the software, you’d think they were.

4. Rock Star-Caliber support and training provided at no additional charge to anyone in your organization. That’s right, we said rock star. In fact, one of our support reps bears a striking resemblance to the lead singer from REO Speedwagon.

5. Better Decisions Ad Hoc reporting tools, executive dashboard and Trinexum core reports provide real-time, authentic insight into what’s driving your members and allow you to make critical, informed decisions for your association. You’ll have so many diverse data mining opportunities, you’ll feel like you should put on a head lamp and hop in a cart.

6. Market leading, kick-butt tools and features provide maximum ROI to your organization.

7. Secure, reliable software that protects your members and their data. Think of it as the Fort Knox of data security.

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Our technology helps YMCAs, JCCs & YWCAs grow their operations, improve engagement and better serve their communities. Consistently recognized as one of the fastest-growing providers of software and related services, NetVentures supports more than 225 associations, 500 branches and 10,000 users. Last year, 80% of YMCAs selecting new software chose NetVentures. We attribute that success to our revolutionary software features, social-centric mobile applications, and support team that rocks the house like AC/DC. Not an AC/DC fan? Our support team can help you with that too.

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